Iran downed the drone belongs to the USA, said at the Pentagon (PHOTOS)

Сбитый Ираном беспилотник не принадлежит США, заявили в Пентагоне (ФОТО)

An unmanned aerial vehicle that hit Iran in its airspace does not belong to the Armed forces (AF) US. About it as transfers TASS, said in a statement on Friday, the press service of the Central command (CENTCOM) us forces.
“Messages about the alleged downed U.S. drone is wrong”, – the document says.

It says that the drone that shot down Iran, “does not belong to the Pentagon.”

“If any drone and was shot down in the area of responsibility of CENTCOM, he does not belong to the Pentagon. All the equipment the US is on the account”, – added in CENTCOM, in the area of operational responsibility which includes primarily the middle East and Central Asia.

Earlier on Friday, the Governor of the Khuzestan province of Gholamreza Shariati confirmed that on the morning of November 8, Iranian defense forces shot down an unmanned aircraft belonging to another state. The Iranian army said that the downed drone in the Khuzestan province violated the country’s airspace.