Iran has arrested popular on instagram ‘zombie Jolie’, accusing it of blasphemy and incitement to violence (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

В Иране арестовали популярную в инстаграме 'зомби-Джоли', обвинив ее в богохульстве и пропаганде насилия (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

Iran has arrested the girl of the blogger known as “zombie version” of the American actress Angelina Jolie. 19-year-old Iranian has published in his Instagram awesome images created with the help of makeup and photoshop. Now the Iranian authorities accuse her of blasphemy, inciting hatred, promotion of violence, insulting adopted in Iran dress code, illegal acquisition of property, incitement of youth towards corruption and other crimes.

Instagram girls, which is signed by more than 400 thousand users, blocked. She led him under the name of Sugar Tabard, but the Iranian media called her Fatima H., according to CNN. According to the Agency Tasnim, referenced by the BBC, Tabar was arrested following complaints from some members of the public. What it is related to the accusations against her, is not specified.

In 2017, the monstrous pictures of Sugar Tabar has spread to all world social networks. The tabloids wrote that she allegedly suffered 50 plastic surgeries and exhausting yourself diets to weigh less than 40 kg with height of 150 centimeters. She is of Iranian descent to an interview with the Russian international news Agency Sputnik said that in fact does not look like the pictures in instagram and her fascination with scary makeup called a way of expression and unique form of art.

According to Tabari, she made a rhinoplasty, and liposuction, and Botox in the lips, noting that in Iran the cost of one operation is just over $ 280. The girl also denied she changed the appearance for similarities with Angelina Jolie or the character of the cartoon “Corpse bride”, with which it also compared. “I understand that something similar to them, but I am my own Muse and didn’t want to imitate anyone,” – said the girl in an interview.

Although now her account in Instagram is not available, photographs of Tabar in makeup and without it, and also before plastic surgery remained on many other pages.