Iran has issued a warrant for the arrest of trump and asks Interpol to help

Iranian Prosecutor said that the country has issued a warrant for the arrest of the President of the United States Donald trump for his role in the killing of leading military commander of the Cassette Soleimani at the beginning of this year. This writes the Independent.

Иран выдал ордер на арест Трампа и просит Интерпол помочь

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The Prosecutor of Tehran Ali Alhashimi said that an international warrant for “code red” included trump and 35 others allegedly involved in the murder of General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of a secret paramilitary forces of Iran.

“Thirty-six people involved in the murder of the General, were identified, including political and military officials from the United States and other governments. We sent a “code red” Interpol”, — he said.

The American envoy in Iran Brian hook, to enhance diplomatic support for the extension of the UN ban on arms shipments to Iran, dismissed the warrant as “propaganda”, not to be taken seriously.

“Interpol does not intervene and does not produce red codes, which are politically motivated, he said. — It is political. It has nothing to do with national security, international peace or promote stability.”

The economy is not in the best condition because of the rigid sanctions of the United States, severely restrict the possibility of Iran to do business with other countries, and the impact of the pandemic coronavirus, which dramatically slowed the domestic economy. Faced with the economic crisis, the administration of President Hassan Rouhani has defied the experts in the field of health and starting to allow businesses to re-open, which caused the revival of the coronavirus.

The charges against trump and his entourage, stirred memories of the murder, which for a short time brought together large segments of the Iranian population.

The warrant was issued at a time when the appeal of trump pandemic coronavirus, racial tensions in the US and antics on the world stage has made him particularly unpopular in the country and abroad. The survey, published Monday by the European Council of foreign Affairs, showed that the perception of the US in the EU have deteriorated significantly in connection with the way trump handled the pandemic coronavirus.

Alheimer not specified 35 other officials who, according to him, was transmitted to Interpol. The organization has not commented, and search its database of thousands of wanted persons did not give any results by the name of Donald trump.

Alheimer also said that Iran will enforce the order even after trump and his deputies leave his post, potentially limiting their movement for years, or at least forcing them to think twice before traveling abroad.

What is a “code red”

“Code red” is issued to law enforcement agencies around the world with a request to find and arrest the man, but they don’t make them do you have to do, writes Business Insider.

It is unlikely that Interpol will agree to the request of Iran on code red for trump, considering that according to his own rules it is necessary to reject any request that it believes is politically motivated.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • On the night of 3 January, the US launched a missile attack on the Baghdad international airport in Iraq, which killed the commander of Iran’s elite division “al-Quds” Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, major General Qasem Soleimani. The Pentagon said that the elimination of Soleimani was held by order of the President of the United States Donald trump. The US believes the IRGC a terrorist organization, and Soleimani – involved in attacks on the American Embassy and US military bases in Iraq.
  • In Iran threatened the United States “harsh revenge” for the death of General Soleimani. January 5, Tehran announced a complete withdrawal from the agreement aimed at limiting Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting of sanctions.
  • The US President said that “the death of innocent people was a painful passion Soleimani”. “We acted to stop the war. We have not taken action to start a war,” said trump. He noted that the United States will strike 52 targets in Iran if Tehran attacks the United States.
  • The foreign Ministry of Iraq murder Soleimani called a violation of sovereignty and the Parliament on 5 January voted for the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. On the same day, a coalition led by the Americans stopped the operation “Unwavering commitment” against ISIS in Iraq.
  • 8 Jan two military bases in Iraq, where U.S. forces and their allies, came under rocket attack from Iran. Tehran said that it was revenge for the murder of General Soleimani.



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