Iranian authorities have threatened the protesters (PHOTO)

Власти Ирана пригрозили участникам акций протеста (ФОТО)

Security forces will “perform their duties” if the vandalism continues, quoted the head of Iranian Ministry of interior Rahmani Fazli Abdolreza Press TV. In the night of Saturday in some cities of Iran the protests began due to the increase in gasoline prices, reports TASS. According to the Associated Press, during the riots killed at least one person.

Fazli noted that the protesters brought many problems to the inhabitants, by their unlawful actions have damaged public property, vehicles, and also forced people to stand in traffic jams, blocking the road.

Sail the official also said that security forces have so far exercised restraint and tolerated the protests, but they will have to perform their duties, if the vandalism continues.

“In all circumstances the country’s security and people’s peace of mind are a priority of law enforcement, security forces and armed forces,” he added.

The Agency explains that Iran has a monthly limit of 60 liters of gasoline for private cars for which fuel is sold at reduced prices. Now the government has increased the price by 50%: in the framework of the quota to 10 to 15 thousand riyals (approximately 19 to 28 rubles.), over the limit – up to 30 thousand rials (about 57 rubles).