Irina Bilyk was surprised by a spectacular bed photo

Iryna Bilyk has published an unusual photo, which appeared in a spectacular manner

Ирина Билык удивила эффектным постельным фото

The Ukrainian singer took to talk with their fans on a serious topic.

The star of the Ukrainian show-business Irina Bilyk decided to talk about movies. To do this, she put on her hat, picked up a beautiful bouquet of roses and without removing shoes, went to bed. Bright the celebrity posted on his page on the social network Instagram.

Photo Bilyk dressed all in black, polyedit-reclines on bed with white sheets, on the lap of the actress – a huge bouquet of red and white roses.

“If your life were a movie, whatever it was called?”, signed photograph Bilyk.

Fans of the singer immediately said that she was incredibly nice and involved into the game.

“Yakos have casts”, “Life is what it is…”, “Love comes twice”, “Santa Barbara”, “100 steps to love”, “Running on a rake,” he wrote to fans of Iryna Bilyk in the social network.