Irina Bilyk was suspected in another plastic surgery

Recently in the network hovers the opinion that the singer Irina Bilyk still decided to do another plastic surgery. After all, how else to explain such a marked change in the face of Ukrainian singer.

Ирину Билык заподозрили в очередной пластической операции

Bilyk significantly younger in an instant. Recently Irina on his page in social network Instagram posted a photo where she’s sitting in the car in the passenger seat with bright makeup on her face. Complements its image of the singer a black cap and rings on hand. Immediately under the photo, the followers began to praise her looks and some even asked her to do nothing more with them.

Members also noted the similarity of the new image with Love assumption, which is known to all for his love of plastic surgery.

“Irina, you look wonderful!” “Irina, you are so beautiful from birth, why do we have to change something in yourself?”- users write under the photo. Also, the public was interested in who was clearly a driver of expensive cars in which the picture was taken. Fans believe that it was her official husband of Aslan Akhmadov, whom Irina is already her second son Tabriz Aslan oglu Ahmadov. Tabriz was born 8 December 2015, by means of surrogacy.