Irina Gorovaya admitted communicates whether her son with Kamensky

The ex-wife of Potapov, a well-known Ukrainian producer Iryna Gorovaya decided on a Frank admission. Horova told what kind of relationship now maintains her shared with Potapov’s son Andrey and Nastya Kamensky.

Ирина Горовая призналась, общается ли её сын с Каменских

According to Irina, between 11-year-old Andrew and his wife Potap warm relations there. They are at the meeting may be limited to a simple greeting. About this horova told in the “Life of famous people” on “1+1”.

“Not much they communicate. They have no relationship. But if we intersect somewhere, then: “Hello, bye”. They can talk to, no otritsalova, but not warm relations, we are not one big family”, — said Irina.

At the same time she emphasized once more, that does not preclude communication Potap with his son.

“Alex comes in, he is well received in our house, we communicate. Small goes with him to play football, we go to the movies with the family,” said x-beloved Potap.

We will remind that Grigory Leps and Irina Gorovaya announced their divorce in 2016. Later they said that Potap and Irina horova confessed that divorced a few years ago, divorced two years earlier than told about it. The couple has a son together, 11-year-old Andrew.