Irina Shayk has allowed the daughter of risky fun

Visitors of the music festival’s Rockin ‘ eve the Ridge, which every year is carried out in Kentucky, was pleasantly surprised when a slender dark-haired beauty with the charming blonde girl model Irina Shayk with her daughter from Bradley Cooper Leia.

Ирина Шейк разрешила дочке рискованно развлечься

33-year-old Irina and Leah spent at the festival all day. After all of the guests, both adults and children, there was something to do.

In the Park Riddle Park on the occasion of the festival organized a variety of activities from tournaments mini-Golf and the shooting — up riding on horses and ponies, as well as communicating with animals in the organized here the petting zoo for kids. Not to mention the fact that in the pavilions set in a Park, you can find any food and sweets.

One of the attractions which called for the Sheik’s daughter, was riding on horseback. And that is very surprised the visitors of the Park, Irina chose for his two year old daughter is not cute shaggy pony, which rolled the other kids, and large horse chestnut suit.About it eyewitnesses told Pagesix. Some considered this a very risky decision by Shake against her very little girl. On the mighty horse’s back, Leia seemed very tiny. However, she does not looked scared. The girl on the head which sported a pink headpiece, a real rider, looked quite confident and cheerful. A satisfied Irina just beaming with pride for their child.