Irina Shayk in his youth from complexes because of the appearance

Famous model Irina Shayk admitted that in her youth she had complexes about appearance. According to 33-year-old celebrity, teenage boys often laughed at her.

Ирина Шейк в юности комплексовала из-за внешности

In his youth, Irina Shayk didn’t even dream to build a successful modeling career. She was very ashamed of his appearance, regularly received negative feedback on how it looks. In adolescence, the Shake was very thin and tall. Guys-peers considered her to be quite unattractive. However, the future model coped with all the complexes, proving to herself that is beautiful.

Still Irina Shayk wakes up with the thought: “I am the most beautiful.” The model knows about his own faults. In particular celebrities don’t like the double chin. Today, the Sheik pays more attention not to the appearance, and personal development. According to supermodel, it is important to be a good person, inside.

With regard to care for the skin, Shayk stated that this issue is your mom. Every morning in the process of washing it uses icy water. This procedure helps to get rid of the swelling and bruising under the eyes.