Iryna Bilyk commented on the scandal that erupted in Kharkov, after her short speech

Iryna Bilyk responded to the concert scandal in Kharkiv around her short speech, 12 November.

Ирина Билык прокомментировала скандал, разгоревшийся в Харькове после её короткого выступления

Singer wrote on Instagram that anger and upset. It’s a shame, because her fans arrogantly and greedily cheated the organizer of the concert.

But recital did not go with the organizer to agree on three songs. It was agreed, and regulated.

“Now, dear organizer, I want to tell you that you have no right or conscience to do this to my fans and me! And I’m holding on by a thread to not post here your names! But I don’t have a Board of shame, and those who should themselves understand who I am and hopefully he will never work with you,” wrote Bilyk.

The singer promised fans to “go crazy” concert tour, which is scheduled for early next year.