Iryna Bilyk showed how happily celebrated Halloween

Iryna Bilyk recently shared on the network snapshots in the stylish imagery, and also showed a cute domestic moments — for example, recently the actress was touched by a gentle photo with his pretty mom. However the new frame on his page in Instagram singer was seriously stunned fans!

Ирина Билык показала, как весело отпраздновала Хеллоуин

Irina decided to show fans how she celebrated Halloween. In the provocative photos she captured in a brilliant red dress with one sleeve and spicy slit on the thigh. In hand, star lash, and on her head a rich decoration of feathers. Bilyk posing on a leather couch in a candid pose and surrounded by three men wear only thongs. They also froze in sensual poses, and the artist even had his arm around the naked buttocks of one of the beauties!

“Well, tell me, how was your Halloween?” — playfully wrote Bilyk.

Ирина Билык показала, как весело отпраздновала Хеллоуин

Agitated members did not hold back their emotions in the comments. Many jokingly said that in comparison with Irina spent a holiday very boring.

  • Oh
  • I see You didn’t
  • I’d like to hold it like in the photo
  • Wow, that’s hot
  • Sariska
  • WOW!!!
  • Class
  • Judging by the photo you do not get bored
  • Uhhh! Cool! Duzhe Krut photo I ve nomu!!!
  • Well, this
  • Definitely not as CREATIVELY as You, Irina
  • Compared to this photo, very boring
  • Ira, as always you do!!! Woman trouble)))) Super
  • Fire