Iryna Bilyk spoke about marriage without love

Popular Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk, who recently rigidly framed, hinted at a divorce from her husband – the Russian producer and photographer Aslan by ahmedovym. Note that together they are raising three sons Tabriz and live in two countries, reports the with reference for Today.

Ирина Билык рассказала о браке без любви

On his page on the Instagram celebrity wrote frankly about loveless marriage and divorce, accompanied by the publication of the black-and-white photos. To all, Iryna Bilyk said that life must take the maximum “not to change yourself for marriage out of love.”

“As I have a lot of strong women and girls in the subscribers they don’t need half-measures: if you love, all without the rest, if the stamp in your passport, you will certainly love. You what I have done! Also believe that we need to take everything and not to settle for one or the other. Don’t change yourself for marriage out of love. But it so happens that people do not love each other, but still not divorced. Sometimes because of the material benefits, but more often because of the kids. And you would the baby care about feelings and to live with the unloved person?” – asked the singer to fans, adding the tag “life for children”.

Many fans took the publication, as a hint of the singer on the problems in her relationship with Aslan by ahmedovym. Their suspicions reinforced a sad photo of the artist.