Iryna Fedyshyn said, how was your summer

The Ukrainian singer Iryna Fedyshyn this summer was a busy vacation.

Ирина Федишин рассказала, как провела лето

The singer has been in America, and in Mexico. Fedyshyn shared that she remembered from a trip to Mexico. Especially the actress was struck by a dish of guacamole. But besides this, Irina and her husband were offered drugs right on the beach.

Singer Iryna Fedyshyn said that this summer she and her husband traveled a lot. Among visited their countries – America and Mexico. However, Irene admits that in addition to the paradises also spent time in the garden. How changed her food preferences after travel – get exclusive in social life.

“Tried tequila, but not really gone. Of the dishes I liked guacamole. When I arrived in Ukraine, immediately went to the market, bought an avocado, began to do all this, we have slightly changed the Breakfast. Very tasty and healthy. And on the beach when lying, often went to different guys, and they were rubbing his nose. The husband says, “What do you mean?” I said, “Well, perhaps they want to offer something, some kind of a thrill to feel.” That is, do not go to the beach, don’t say “shrimp, baklava”. There are slightly different-signs”, — shared his impressions Fedyshyn.

However, the singer had time at home in Ukraine to help parents in the garden.

“I want to help parents, they have this garden, they planted the potatoes, they dig. I’m not difficult, I since the childhood a lot of time spent there, helped. For me, it’s not difficult. It’s not even, is digging potatoes as a holiday. Because the whole family, we’re digging potatoes, then we had an incredible picnic” — shared the actress.

Ирина Федишин рассказала, как провела лето