Iryna Fedyshyn said, who helped her financially in the beginning of her work

Popular singer Iryna Fedyshyn, who together with DJ Bakun introduced the clip for the collaboration, admitted who was a sponsor of concerts in the beginning of her creative work, says “social life”.

Ирина Федишин рассказала, кто помогал ей финансово в начале ее творчества

The actress said that is the second cousin of the Novel Fedyshina who is the owner of the wholesale market. Early in his career she came to him and asked for money, and instead did it by advertising at the concert.

“We came to the Novel and asked, but it was such a partnership. That is, there was not a lot of thousand hryvnias: “Ira, you’re there to do that.” For example, we’re doing a concert with Vitaly and looking for sponsors. Came to the, came to the, had collected a certain amount of money and, accordingly, such partnerships. Advertising during a concert. “But give us a couple of hryvnia, please, that we have enough money to pay the rent,” — said Fedyshyn.

Second cousin of Iryna Fedyshyn — who is also the owner of the wholesale market has gained the status of “People of Lviv”. The singer shared, whether in her family, the musicians, except for her. Since the christening of the son of Iryna Fedyshyn was in the same room as the contest “People of Lviv”, Ekaterina Osadchaya learned how their family decided to celebrate the christening of children.

Irina noted that often her brother Roman believed her father, and thought that she “bought everything”.

“My parents are ordinary people, I come from an ordinary family. I say: “what Iran Fedyshyn all bought”. In fact it is not. Irina Fedyshyn myself doing a lot of work”, — said the singer.

More artist added that not everyone in her family “traded”. For example, the brother of her father, a musician, and he has his band, they play at weddings. Even before her dad brother and I played together, and she was for some time soloist in them.

“Then I went a little higher, began a career,” concluded the singer.