Iryna Fedyshyn shared his memories about meeting her husband

The singer remembered the events of 15 years ago.

Ирина Федишин поделилась воспоминаниями о знакомстве с мужем

Popular Ukrainian singer Iryna Fedyshyn shared memories of meeting her husband and the recognition.

According to Irina, they met with Vitaly Junikom at a time when the future star studied in Lviv at the economist, wrote music for himself, went to the provincial festivals and sang at small parties, said in the program “LIVE.”

“The concert was in Buchach. I then spoke, and Vitaly worked as a music editor at one station in Ivano-Frankivsk. He liked my performance and he came to take the songs in order to twist them on the radio. Then he for a very long time I’ve called, and I wondered what he was calling me. He Frankivsk, Lviv I, how can this be a meet?”, — shared memories of the singer.

But Vitaliy has already decided everything for myself. Generous with love and ideas, he was ably captured the heart of Irene. But the woman of his life, a young man saw a star of the big stage and began to unleash it. Man in love, rescued Irina from a producer and then began insistently to make her a popular artist.

After six months of Dating Vitali made an offer to his beloved in one of Lviv coffee. Since that time, it took 15 years, but Fedyshyn remember every detail.

“So I was sitting here, Vitaly there. We just had dinner, and at one point he called the waiter who brought the tray of flowers and the ring box,” recalled the star.

However, not only Vitaly abruptly changed the life of a talented young blonde. Irina actually crossed it almost decided the fate. It turns out that the producer and the husband of the Ukrainian star before she met and studied at the Seminary of Ivano-Frankivsk and was preparing to become a priest.

“I wanted to make the decision to go on to study in Rome, to the Vatican, but decided to stay with Irina, and in social life to be more useful than out there,” said Vitali.

Note, despite the frantic pace and constant touring, Fedyshyn managed to give birth to her husband two sons, Yuri and Oleg.

“When I get home, I fully take on the responsibilities of mom, wife, family hostess. Prepare babies to eat every morning driving you to kindergarten and to school,” admitted the actress.