Is it possible in the USA to dispense cash: the experience of Russian-speaking immigrants

There is a perception that in the US everything can be done using credit cards, but those who come to the United States, face the problem of lack of cash. The author of the blog “Elena in America” on “Yandex.Zen,” said that in some situations in the United States need cash and where to get them.

Можно ли в США обойтись без наличных денег: опыт русскоязычной иммигрантки

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Cash will come in handy in the following situations (other forms of payment none):

Parking payment. Not everywhere there are modern machines for Parking payment-card or phone — here for them will be very useful coin. There are also temporary Parking spaces which are not equipped with any guns. Usually these places stand out, when the city hosts major events and Parking spaces in the center may not be enough, the Church will provide Parking for neprijatan, but you need to pay a fixed price at the entrance to the Parking lot.

A donation to the Museum — it happens when you visit a free school, where optionally, you can put any amount in a jar for donations.

Donation for the tour — in Detroit (mi) volunteers conduct free tours, after which you can thank the guide material.

A donation to the Salvation Army (especially common before Christmas) — you will see people ringing the bells at the entrance to shopping centres and supermarkets with the obligatory “identification” pot — money to put in it.

Contrary to popular belief, shaped by the American films of the past years, I almost never see anyone leave a tip in restaurants in cash — they usually fit the bill.

However, faced with the fact that you have to pay a security guard in the Parking lot because he looked after the car while you ate. So we have in a family-run German restaurant, located in a seedy area of Detroit (for security purposes, the Parking is fenced with barbed wire and oversight of the security guard who looks to your car being stolen, scratched or stolen parts).

In other cases, you are, in principle, can be by card, cheque, payment application on the phone or something like that.

Where to get cash in USA

The ATMs here are not at every step as it was in Moscow when I lived there. Here you can find them in shopping centers and Bank branches, as well as getting money at the checkout in some supermarkets. When paying by card through the terminal to select the cashback and the desired amount — in this situation it would mean “getting cash”.

Not quite in the topic, but the machine to recharge the mobile phone or terminal type Qiwi I’ve never seen before.

The original column published in the blog “Elena in America” on “Yandex.Zen”

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