Is it possible to buy quality clothes for minimum wage in the United States: the immigrant experience

What can you buy in USA for minimum wage? Found out the author of the blog “American|Americano” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Можно ли купить качественную одежду на минимальную зарплату в США: опыт иммигранта

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Decided to conduct an experiment — what can you buy on minimum daily wages, such as janitors or cleaners premises. In other words — for minimum wage in the United States.

I live in California, the minimum wage Statewide to $12 an hour. It turns out that for the 12-hour shift you can’t get less than $140. Can be a little more a $ $150-160. I got to thinking — can you normally dress in nice clothes having a salary? And decided to check.

Taking $150, I drove to the nearest clothing store. I specifically did not go into the economy segment and in a normal shop.

My goal was to completely change his clothes for that amount ($150 ), that is, shoes, pants, top. Let’s start with shoes, as with most is needed.

I bought shoes “Calvin Klein” , quite well-known brand, decent quality, casual style, will notice that I bought them for myself, that is I, as a person of the middle class will not be ashamed to go to such shoes to work or around town, good quality shoes.

They cost $43, of course were cheaper, but the goal of the experiment is not a cheap segment, and good quality clothing.

Then the question arose of pants — I settled on jeans.

Took jeans in gray and sand color, saw that now there are many in this color, I decided not to keep up with fashion, they cost me $20. By the way, I forgot to mention, this ‘Levays’ — I think many are familiar with the brand, good quality, again not cheap apparel.

And spent $63, left to buy a top to complete the image.

Since I live in California — there are almost always hot, but in winter or in the rain have to wear a sweater or light jacket, but after about eight months of the year wearing t-shirts and t-shirts, I decided to take something between a shirt and jacket t — shirt long sleeve! Conveniently, in the heat of the sleeve can be podcating, in the coolness of the release.

Last point — the sleeve.

There is no particular difference, almost all the t-shirts cost from $5 to $15, if to speak about fleece jackets — they’ll be about $10-$25. Again, notice that this is not some nameless brand, I took the t-shirt of the brand “Helly Hansen “, is also quite well-known brand.

The result — I am fully dressed in famous brands, spending $73.

Let me remind you that we spent half of the day, the minimum wage, there are still two going out for coffee, but what is the purpose of this experiment? To check whether enough of the minimum wage in the States for a normal life, though, would be an example of good clothes.