Is it possible to forget their native language, in immigration: personal experience

“I guess you all have those friends who after a few weeks of living abroad, begin to distort words and languidly to sigh as they forget Russian,” writes the author of the blog “Simple America” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Можно ли забыть родной язык в иммиграции: личный опыт

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Further — the first person

I have over 6.5 years of living in the US not not forget Russian, but perfectly spoken without an accent.

Yes, some words are rarely used, can be forgotten, especially when almost do not use Russian in everyday life.

But to forget your native language to the immigrant in the first generation impossible.

And I’m the immigrant in the first generation. And perfectly able to use their native language. Any other person who first steps into the unknown territory of the state, also can not forget him.

And now the children of this immigrant will experience difficulties with the language of the parents, and the grandchildren even more so.

Therefore, those who claim that they forget the language, especially after a couple of weeks or months, just to show off in front of compatriots.

Those who moved abroad before the age of 11 years, often forget their native language and no longer use it unnecessary.

Yes, immigrants can Russify American words or replace the terms, and to transfer the English structure in Russian.

Some believe that the way language is deteriorating, but I believe that it is completely natural. Moreover, in the reverse immersion in the native speaking environment skills restored. And knowledge of multiple languages trains the brain and you are not afraid of Alzheimer’s.



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