Is it really only seven months? Fans of Ashley Graham is amazed at the size of her huge belly

32-year-old Ashley Graham who is currently pregnant with her first child, spoke for the first time, who she will soon appear — a daughter or a son. Coming to a TV show Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most famous plus-size models in the world, said: “I’m to be a mother!” While Ashley admitted that she has to continue wearing their child even more two months. After childbirth as she is told, must take place only in January. This message came as quite a surprise fans of the model, because her stomach has become so huge that it seems like it should have from day to day.

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That Ashley is expecting her first child, became known in August. Then she showed a video which demonstrated his already noticeable rounded belly, and shared the first photos of the unborn baby — that is a picture taken at the ultrasound machine. Moreover, she chose to break the news, a special day — the anniversary of their life together with the baby’s father, her husband — 30-year-old Justin Erwin.

“Today, exactly nine years from the day I married the love of my life. And this day I have gratitude and excitement to finally be able to announce that our family will soon be replenished!” — so Graham signed his video. She said then that her husband was not less glad news of the coming addition. Incidentally, recently, Ashley confessed that she met her future husband in a rather unusual beginning of the novel place: at a charity event in the Church. They fell in love each other at first sight and since then, almost inseparable.