Is it right? 8 myths about HLS, which does not need to believe

Many are familiar with the principles of a healthy lifestyle – eat right, exercise, more sleep. Each of them is imbued with the maximum of the ridiculous reservations. It is about them will be discussed in the material.

Правильно ли? 8 мифов о ЗОЖ, в которые не надо верить


Myth 1: always keep antibacterial gel

Many people use antibacterial gel to get rid of the infections. But they are completely meaningless for the prevention of two infections, the stomach flu and clostridial infections. The rest of the hand is sufficient to keep a simple clean – wash them.

Myth 2: microwave dangerous

It is dangerous to use a microwave as it emits the radiation beams. But this myth is long dispelled by experts. Sometimes this machine keeps the vitamins even better than an oven.

Myth 3: it is better to drink almond milk, not cow’s

For most of the usual cow’s milk. But the adherents of a healthy lifestyle argue that it is better to use almond. Supposedly it contains more protein. In ordinary milk, much more vitamins. Therefore, it is better to combine two kinds of this drink.

Myth 4: drink juice in the morning helpful

Fresh juices can really be useful. But it is only sugar. But the fiber remains in the press cake.

Myth 5: there’s only egg whites

The yolks are all recommended to eliminate from the diet, as they are a source of cholesterol. But it is not as dangerous as its number is not so great. Only proteins would be stupid. The only time you should avoid a large number of eggs and their yolks, — the presence of heart disease.

Myth 6: you need to take vitamins

Many people take vitamin complexes. But it is practically useless for HLS as there is no evidence of use of these vitamins.

Myth 7: you need to take more vitamin C

Like everything in the world, vitamin C is important to not take more than prescribed dose. The daily dose of this vitamin is 2,000 mg. a Surplus component may provoke diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, palpitations, headache, and other side effects.

Myth 8: only products with reduced fat content

The majority of those who adhere to healthy lifestyles, believe that the products with low fat percentage will help you to stay more healthy. But it can be fraught with various problems. In particular, it is certainly not saved from breast cancer, colon cancer or heart disease. And excess weight is not always this allows you to reset.