Is Québec solidaire K.-O. ?

Is Québec solidaire K.-O.? < /p> UPDATE DAY

The aftermath of an election is never easy for defeated parties. We find ourselves as tired as the winners after crazy weeks, but without the euphoria of victory. Nevertheless, work resumes quickly: we must put ourselves at the service of the citizens and already get back to work for the next meeting in four years.

It's been almost a month since the election. I have the impression of seeing in Quebec solidaire a stunned party, which moves in slow motion, caught in a certain torpor. We no longer recognize the formation that was making an arrow of any wood, quick to react and anxious to insert its point of view in the debates that are dear to it.

Hyperactive PQ< /p>

Compared to the other political parties that find themselves in the opposition, Québec solidaire will have been a more than discreet party in these post-campaign weeks. The PQ took up a lot of space with its battle over the oath. Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is keeping active on the file of the tunnel which is at the gates of his riding.

Éric Duhaime stamped his foot for the recognition of his party despite the absence of seats. He made a few interventions, notably on the size of the Council of Ministers. 

The Liberals offered the minimum service of an official opposition, Dominique Anglade being mainly focused on internal affairs and on his own political survival.

The contrast is great when compared with Québec solidaire after the 2018 election. We felt the spokespersons for the young party were pumped up. They had multiplied strong interventions, presenting themselves as the real opposition and announcing their intentions on the environment.

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Hot Files

However, this year, Québec solidaire would have great opportunities to multiply the offensives felt. The tunnel file affects the east of Montreal, the stronghold of Quebec solidaire. It should be at the heart of the discussion. 

The emergency room overflow is affecting several hospitals in Greater Montreal, which should be of concern to QS. The omission of Abitibi-Témiscamingue in the formation of the Council of Ministers should shock the party which has just been robbed of the riding of Rouyn-Noranda–Témiscamingue. 

The spokespersons for Québec solidaire, when asked, have done a few interviews, but their enthusiasm for the files has nothing to compare with what we had known before.

Is this a backlash from the electoral disappointment? Of course, Québec solidaire had set the bar high. But at 11 deputies, one more than before, the result can even be presented as a step forward. 

There are pluses and minuses in the result. Quebec solidaire has moved to second place for the popular vote, that's not nothing. It continued to progress in Montreal, but retreated in the suburbs and in the regions. It is not the official opposition, but it has a competent caucus.

In short, despite the disappointments, nothing would justify being demoralized to the point of retreating into one's burrow. The party must quickly raise its head and go back on the offensive.

Is Québec solidaire is K.-O.?