Is there a cure for periodontal disease? Says the dentist

Periodontitis and gingivitis are the two most common gum diseases faced by today’s dentists. The first signs is bleeding gums that occurs when brushing or eating too much solid food.

Можно ли вылечить пародонтит? Рассказывает стоматолог

If the disease does not arrest at an early stage, it will go into a chronic course, and completely destroy the periodontal tissues. And this is fraught with loss of teeth. Dentist Marina Tarabanovsky explains why at the first sign of the disease need to go to the doctor.

Many at the onset of gum disease, trying to cure “folk remedies”. This is the first error, so as to relieve inflammation the first thing to do is to remove Tartar and plaque tight. This can only be done in the dentist’s chair, using special instruments and medications.
Home therapy is the place to be, only if the inflammation is at an early stage. Then after performing a comprehensive cleaning, you can rinse your mouth decoctions of herbs, and antibacterial rinses for the mouth.

How to treat periodontal disease at the dentist?

If the case has already moved from regular gingivitis to serious damage of the gum tissue, long dental treatment — the only thing that can save the teeth.

“Treatment of inflammatory gum diseases, including periodontitis includes compulsory hygienic cleaning for removing deposits, medicinal bandages, PRP, injection of vitamins and products based on hyaluronic acid, surgical operations when necessary, as well as modern biologics to start the growth and recovery of cells of the gingival and bone tissue. Plus examination at the periodontist once a month”. says dentist Marina Tarabanovsky.