Isabelle Weidemann is as motivated as in Beijing

Isabelle Weidemann is as motivated as she is in Beijing


A triple Olympic medalist and Canada's flag bearer at the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Games last February, Isabelle Weidemann experienced magical moments that will remain forever in her mind, but the speed skater long track ensures that the motivation is always there.

Weidemann shone in the Chinese capital by winning bronze in the 3000m, silver in the 5000m and gold in the team pursuit with Valérie Maltais and Ivanie Blondin. The trio set a new Olympic record.

“I thought motivation would be tough after the Olympics, but it's not,” said the Ottawa skater. I'm really motivated to train and race. Together with my coach, I set myself new goals. »

Weidemann believes she can still improve. “I had an amazing time at the Olympics and I'm blessed with the results I achieved, but there's still room for improvement. I finished in 2nd place in the 5000m, which means I can still do better. The 5000m is my favorite event and I am very happy to be part of such a strong group of girls. We push each other to go even faster.

Not a handicap

In the team pursuit, the three skaters took a different route during the summer season, but Weidemann believes this is not the case. is not a handicap to success in the future.

“The girls needed something new,” she explained. Ivanie is training with the guys in Calgary and Valérie has moved to Quebec. After the nationals, we will determine what we will do. We've been focused on the team pursuit for so long that it's good to do something else. This distance brings freshness. »

The three teammates once skated together in June in Quebec City during a national team camp and the magic happened again. 

“It's like going on a bike, you can't get lost,” said Weidemann, who also took part in the Pyeongchang Games in 2018. I'm still very motivated to do the team pursuit and improve our time. I love the rivalry with the Japanese. We will also have to see if the coaches will not want to bring in younger people over the next year in order to prepare the next generation. »

Excellent team

Maltais is in the same vein. “We have shown that we are an excellent team and we want to continue, but the coaches may like to develop young people at the start of this new Olympic cycle.

“Even if there are no longer the three of us in Calgary, it is possible to continue, to pursue Maltais. We will have to find a way to hold training camps. It will be different, but possible. This break is good and allows you to show more freedom in training. We can express our full potential. »