Israel announced the ground dead from coronavirus

On Friday evening, March 20, at the Jerusalem hospital “Shaarei-Tzedek” died 88-year-old man who was diagnosed with the disease COVID-19, 2019 caused by coronavirus-nCoV. He was admitted to hospital a week ago in serious condition and was sent to a special detention center, according to NEWS.

Израиль объявил о первом умершем от коронавируса

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The man had several serious chronic diseases. In the last days he suffered a heart attack. Despite resuscitation attempts to save him failed. On Friday evening his condition deteriorated and he died.

In the night of Friday, March 20, the Israeli government approved a new decree on state of emergency, giving the country a full quarantine. The decision was approved unanimously during a telephone vote.

Under the new emergency regulations, giving the country a full quarantine, law enforcement agencies were granted the authority to penalize violators.

The penalty for violation of the quarantine will be 5 thousand shekels (1385 dollars), the penalty for the collection of more than 10 people in one place – 3 thousand shekels ($830), the penalty for operating contrary to the prohibition of business 5 thousand shekels (1385 dollars).

In the Israel police report that I have the ability and do not intend to verify why the person is on the street – permitted by the regulations or not, and expect the citizens of the manifestations of consciousness. The emphasis will be on outreach. At the same time, supervision over the observance of the regulations limiting the operation of the businesses not included in the list of vital will be carried out.

We will remind that earlier the High court of justice ruled that, if prior to 12:00 Tuesday, March 24 will not be formed the parliamentary Committee of the Knesset, all the powers of law enforcement bodies on the basis of the emergency regulations will be lifted.

On Thursday evening, March 19, Netanyahu announced a new tougher measures to curb the spread of coronavirus infection in Israel.

The ban on leaving the house without a valid excuse will be valid for seven days and can be renewed. Of businesses will be in effect until April 20.

According to the new decree, to go outside what is permitted:

  1. To get to the place of work and return from work.
  2. To marry the food and drug administration and to obtain the necessary services.
  3. To go to receive medical services.
  4. To go for blood donation.
  5. Come out to participate in the rally.
  6. To go out for sports, a group of no more than five people.
  7. Briefly allowed to go out together with other family members, if not to move away from the residence.
  8. Allowed to leave the house to participate in religious ceremony, including prayer, a wedding, a funeral, if this follows the other instructions of the Ministry of health.
  9. Allowed out of the house to aid an elderly person or another person who for health reasons cannot take care of themselves independently.
  10. Allowed to leave for other urgent business that was not reflected in this list.

Leaving the house needs to keep his distance of 2 meters from other people (members of the same family emerged from the house together, can go together). The private car can be no more than two people (excluding members of one family living together).

As reported ForumDaily:

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