Israel gave the Russian hacker Burkova to the US authorities (PHOTO)

Израиль передал российского хакера Буркова властям США (ФОТО)

The Israeli authorities gave the representatives of the US Department of justice, Russian hacker Alexey Burkov for extradition, told the Israeli channel Keshet 12, which refers to NEWSru Israel. Attorney Michael Ironi Burkova confirmed this information to TASS.

The Israeli justice Minister Amir Ohana signed a warrant for the extradition of Russian citizen to the United States on October 30. 3 Nov protection Burkov has filed an appeal against his decision, and the hacker – a petition to quash the warrant of the Minister. On 10 November the High court of justice of Israel rejected the petition.

Ironi previously reported that the court’s decision is final, and Burkov can be extradited to the United States “at any time”, as the authorities are not obliged to notify the prisoner and his lawyers about the timing of the implementation of the decision on extradition. November 11, the Russian Embassy in Israel issued a statement condemning the decision to extradite Burkova in the United States. The Embassy noted that it “is not conducive to the progressive development of Russian-Israeli relations.”

“This step is not tenable, neither from a legal nor humanitarian nor political points of view, leads to the violation of the rights of Russian citizens, but also represents a departure from the Israeli side of its international obligations,” reads the statement of the Embassy. It noted that the decision to extradite “raises doubts about the ability of the Israeli authorities to ensure the safety and rights of visiting the country of Russian citizens.”

Burkov was detained in Israel in 2015 at the request of the US authorities accusing him of fraud with credit cards of Americans. Burkov was the Creator of the site for selling stolen data, as well as a forum for communication hackers. According to unconfirmed reports, Burke also can shed light on cyber attacks and details the intervention of the Russian intelligence services in the American elections.

Case Burkova connected with the case 26-year-old Israeli woman Naamah Issachar, who was sentenced in Russia to 7.5 years of imprisonment. On 11 October the Khimki city court found Issachar guilty of smuggling and possession of drugs in her Luggage in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, was discovered about 10 grams of hashish.

Issachar admitted possession, but denied smuggling. Lawyers for the girls emphasize that Naama was detained in the airport transit area before boarding the plane to Ben Gurion, but the Russian Prosecutor’s office relies on the fact that drugs crossed air border of Russia.

In mass media there was information that Israel was informally proposed “exchange” Burkova at the girl. However, it has not been officially confirmed. Relatives of Issachar appealed to the High court of justice of Israel with a request to stop the extradition Burkova, but later withdrew the petition. According to the mother of the Israelite Jaffa Issachar, she doesn’t want her daughter “became a tool of Russian hacker and its people.”

In mid-October, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has asked the Russian President Vladimir Putin to pardon and Naama Issachar. Her case also twice discussed with Putin the Prime Minister of the country Benjamin Netanyahu. Last week, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov refused to answer reporters ‘ questions about a possible pardon were Israeli.