Israel is ready to extradite to the United States of a Russian suspected of cybercrime

The head of the Ministry of justice of Israel Amir Ohana signed the decision on extradition of Russian citizen Alexey Burkov in the United States. This writes RIA “Novosti”.

Израиль готов экстрадировать в США россиянина, подозреваемого в киберпреступности

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This occurred after the district and the Supreme court approved his extradition to the USA where he is wanted on suspicion of cybercrime.

“The decision was taken after detailed consultations with various stakeholders, taking into account political and legal factors,” — said in the Ministry.

The lawyer of Russian Mikhail Ironi going tomorrow to apply to the Supreme court of Israel appeal. To challenge the decision also intends the family of Israeli woman Naamah Issachar, which was condemned in Russia for 7.5 years imprisonment for drug smuggling.

In the Luggage of Issachar, flying a transit flight via Sheremetyevo, found 9.6 grams of hashish. According to the families of the Israelite, that the decision to extradite Burkova reduces the chances the release of Naamah. The clemency of the father in the name of Vladimir Putin sent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin.

In December 2015, a resident of St. Petersburg Burkova arrested at the airport in tel Aviv at the request of the United States. The bodies of American justice was charged with his crimes in the IT field. Extradition of Russian citizen was considered in the district court of Jerusalem behind closed doors. Russia also requested the extradition Burkova.