Israel resumes embassies around the world, but not for long

Israeli diplomats a few days ago announced a strike because of the decision of the Ministry of Finance to reduce the cost of their maintenance. Despite ending the strike, continue negotiations.

Израиль возобновляет работу посольств по всему миру, но ненадолго

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The Israeli Embassy, which went on strike on October 30, returned to normal operation. This, according to RBC, said in a statement on the Facebook page of the Consulate of Israel in Houston.

“The Consulate and other Israeli diplomatic missions around the world opened today, October 31, 2019. Negotiations between officials of the foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Finance of Israel will continue”, — stated in the message.

Израиль возобновляет работу посольств по всему миру, но ненадолго

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Information about the resumption of Israeli diplomatic missions confirmed the TASS and the official representative of the Israeli foreign Ministry Nazira Amer. A similar ad appeared on the page of the Israeli Consulate General in St. Petersburg. The Israeli Embassy in Moscow on Friday working, said RBC representative of the Embassy.

Embassy of Israel in Ukraine declares that it resumed its work in Kiev on 25 days, while will addressed the issue of financing the work of diplomats, said in comments the Embassy provided an exclusive UNIAN.

“We are fighting for their status, for their professional future and survival of the Israeli diplomatic service. We were forced to close all embassies around the world because we were denied in the underlying financial basis, serving for the proper execution of our work”, say Israeli diplomats.

On the website of the Embassy of Israel in Moscow was published the following statement:

Similar ads in different languages published other Embassy, which suspended its work.

What happened

On October 30-31, embassies and consulates of Israel abroad, including in Ukraine, Russia, USA and other countries, went on strike, writes

Working committees of the ministries of foreign Affairs and defence announced a strike in connection with the Finance Ministry’s decision to retroactively impose income tax payments to diplomats on entertainment expenses. In connection with the strike was completely stopped the work of diplomatic missions of Israel abroad, including the provision of consular services, economic and military attache. Also closed the checkpoints on the borders with the Palestinian authority in the Gaza strip, Judea and Samaria. Completely stopped processing applications for permits defense exports, providing reception of foreign delegations and to the accompaniment of Israeli delegations abroad.

The closure of diplomatic missions of Israel abroad as part of the strike at the Ministry of foreign Affairs led to the problem with the repatriation of the bodies of the Israeli citizens who died or killed in foreign countries. As reported the correspondent of the newspaper “Makor Rishon” Yair Kraus, three Israeli families could not provide the documents on the shipment of the bodies of their loved ones for burial at home.