Israeli court suspended the procedure of extradition of a Russian Burkova in USA (PHOTOS)

Израильский суд приостановил процедуру экстрадиции россиянина Буркова в США (ФОТО)

The U.S. Supreme court issued a temporary ban on extradition of Russian citizen Alexey Burkov from Israel to the U.S., the newspaper reported The Jerusalem Post.

On Wednesday, the Israeli justice Minister Amir Ohana signed a decree according to which Burke will be extradited to the United States at the request of Washington. Burkov is wanted in the US on charges of fraud with loans. According to unconfirmed reports, Burkov may shed light on the details of the intervention of the Russian intelligence services in the American elections. The request for extradition Burkova in Russia was also sent to the Russian side.

The Jerusalem Post links the decision of the Supreme court of Israel with the fate of the Israeli citizen Naamah Issachar, who was sentenced in Russia to seven years in prison on charges of drug smuggling. The family of Issachar believes that it is a diplomatic hostage, the sentence it intended to introduce the possibility of exchange for Burkov.

He was detained at the airport in tel Aviv in 2015, when I came to Israel on vacation. He was later charged with crimes in the sphere of cybersecurity. He calls himself a specialist in information security and denies the allegations the charges against him. All this time, from the moment of detention he spent in Israeli prisons.
Previously, the newspaper Haaretz, citing sources in the local intelligence reported that Russia “put pressure on Israel to secure the release of Alexey Burkov, Russian hacker to be extradited to the United States, in exchange for the release of the citizen of Israel and the United States Naamah Issachar”.

The family of Issachar believes that Naamah, a citizen of Israel and the United States, was arrested and convicted in Russia with the aim of exerting pressure on the Israeli authorities to prevent the issuance Burkova United States, according to Issachar was detained at the airport “Sheremetyevo” in the past year. She was flying a flight from Delhi to tel-Aviv with a stopover in Moscow. In her backpack was found about 9 grams of hashish. She denies any involvement in the smuggling of drugs in large amount, but agreed with the accusation in storage of drugs.

The family of Issachar, sentenced in Russia to seven and a half years of imprisonment, also expressed his intention to address in court with the requirement to cancel the decision of Potection as extradition Burkova in the U.S. reduces the chances of the release of Naamah. The girl’s family called the Minister’s decision “immoral and inhuman” and said that Naama is a hostage of political games and Israel is obligated “to get her out of this nightmare”.