Israeli drug from COVID-19 showed high efficiency: now it is tested in the USA

In the United States first began testing Israeli drug that reportedly has one hundred percent effective in the treatment of even seriously ill by the coronavirus. This writes the “Observer”.

Израильский препарат от COVID-19 показал высокую эффективность: теперь его тестируют в США

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Seven patients in Israel who were at high risk of death due to respiratory failure, including cardiac and renal failure, survived after taking this medication.

The company Pluristem Therapeutics, which developed the drug, said active substance drugs can suppress or reverse the threat of excessive activation of the immune system that causes death in many patients with coronavirus.

The company uses the placenta for growing smart cells and program them to the secretion of therapeutic proteins in the organism of sick people.

CEO and President of the company Yaki Yanay said that soon there will be a court process that can allow an active use of the drug.

“Having received the green light from regulators, it will be possible to prepare a huge number of medicinal preparations. We can very quickly produce cells for treatment of thousands of people,” he said.

According to him, the treatment consists of 15-ml doses of cells, known as extended cells of the placenta, which is administered in the form of a simple intermuscular injection. Once in the body, the cells become like “a little factory that produces therapeutic proteins”.

He said: “Patients who are in serious condition and die, actually die from severe respiratory disease. What actually happens is a very high level of inflammation, and at some point the patient’s immune system will attack, mainly in the lungs.”

Until now, the technology Pluristem is mainly used to treat people suffering from poor blood flow in the legs, but the scientists were able to quickly repurpose cells for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

“We take cells from the placenta after full-term delivery, and we developed the technology to expand cells to very large numbers, in an environment that simulates the human body. This technology allows us to treat more than 20 thousand people from one placenta”, he said.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • In two French hospitals began testing drugs on the basis of hemoglobin obtained from the blood of annelids. The drug will help patients suffering from respiratory complications of the disease COVID-19.
  • In Italy announced the result of the treatment of patients with coronavirus drug against rheumatoid arthritis “Tocilizumab” (Tocilizumab) produced by the pharmaceutical company Roche.
  • Researchers from France published a statement which details how the combination of antimalarials and antibiotics can be an important weapon in the fight against coronavirus.
  • In different States the disease is spreading at different speeds. And for some reason coronavirus infection (at least at first glance) exhibits significantly less activity in countries where children are mandatory vaccinated against tuberculosis with BCG vaccine.
  • According to new data, based on observations of patients, more than two thirds of critically ill patients with COVID-19 condition has improved after treatment, “Redecision”, an experimental drug developed by Californian company Gilead Sciences Inc.
  • There are a number of drugs that doctors around the world are trying to treat COVID-19.





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