Israeli student accused Columbia University of anti-Semitism

Israeli student filed a complaint against Columbia University alleging that he was subjected to anti-Semitic attacks, says Fox News. The student believes that the University violates title VI of the Executive order of the President of the United States Donald trump on the fight against discrimination against Jews.

Израильский студент обвинил Колумбийский университет в антисемитизме

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In the complaint, Jonathan Karten, an undergraduate at Columbia University, claims that he was subjected to anti-Semitism on campus. A complaint he filed last Tuesday, about a week after President trump has signed a decree on combating anti-Semitism on College campuses. In accordance with the order of the Department of education may deny funding to educational institutions that, in his opinion, in violation of Section VI.

“We have prepared and filed a complaint with the Office for civil rights (OCR). This complaint, as far as I know, is the first of its kind lawsuit, after the order of trump,” said attorney Brooke Goldstein, representing Kartena.

Goldstein, who is also the Executive Director of The Lawfare Project — the Jewish group’s civil rights, providing legal assistance to members of the Jewish community, discriminated because of the faith, said that she hopes to start an investigation at the University.

She said that 23-year-old Karten “was ridiculed and embarrassed because of their religion and national belonging” on the campus by members of the group “Students for justice in Palestine” (SJP) — and even professors. Goldstein said that the members of SJP called Cartina “Zionist pig” and other offensive nicknames.

The complaint States that in April of this year, Karten participated in the event for the Colombian branch of the “Students supporting Israel”, and while he was talking with other students at this event, “Professor of Arabic literature … walked up to the table interrupted the conversation, pointed at Jonathan and cried, “don’t believe a word he says. He’s Mossad” (national intelligence Agency of Israel — ed.).

“Jonathan felt ridiculed and embarrassed because of the fact that he has publicly accused that he was a spy for a foreign government because of his religion and nationality,” — said in the complaint.

Goldstein said the “last straw” for Kartena was alleged incident that occurred on 8 November with the participation of Professor of modern Arab politics and intellectual history at Columbia University, which the complaint called Joseph Massada.

The complaint States that, in a speech at the annual conference of the Jerusalem Fund and Palestine center, Massad said: “the Oslo accords marked the beginning of the process of liquidation of Palestinian national struggle during the “deal of the century” [of the Peace plan of the trump in the middle East], I plan and hope to complete it… the Only thing that stands in the way is an ongoing Palestinian resistance colonism and racism of Israeli settlers, which continues in Israel and Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, the continued marches of return to the Gaza strip and armed resistance brigades Izz al-DIN al-Qassam Israeli incursions into Gaza”.

“Brigades of Izz ad-DIN al-Qassam is the military wing of Hamas, which the U.S. recognized foreign terrorist organization [FTO], says the complaint, adding: Izz al-DIN al-Qassam brigades killed more than 650 civilians. He also bears direct responsibility for the abduction and brutal murder of the uncle of Jonathan, of Sharon EDRI”.

“However, according to Professor of Masada, the assassination of this group of innocent Israeli citizens such as uncle Jonathan and many others, is justified because of the Israeli “settler colonialism,” reads the complaint. — He also implied that these terrorist acts to help prevent “the liquidation of the Palestinian national struggle.”

In a statement sent to Fox News, Karten has called the alleged comments Masada “Wake-up call”.

“I’m not proud of the fact that over the last few years teaching at Columbia University I’m too used to anti-Israel sentiment, anti-Israeli biases, which often degenerated into anti-Semitism, prejudice has become too normalized,” said Karten.

“But last month when I read that Professor Joseph Massad with impunity supported by the terrorist brigade of the Izz El-DIN al-Qassam brigades, the brigade that kidnapped and killed my dear uncle of Sharon EDRI, as well as many other people, I realized that can no longer remain silent until my campus becomes a breeding ground for lies and growing discrimination,” he said.

Goldstein said that “Jewish students have filed numerous complaints to the administration, detailing problem on campus, and there was no answer”.

“At first there was no answer, and then gave them a workaround, and commanded to move from one administrator to another,” said Goldstein, adding that Executive Vice President of Management campus life then allegedly told the students that “nothing can be done, and the University repeatedly declined to take action against SJP, although they are isolated and persecuted Jewish and Israeli students”.

She said Karten filed a complaint with the Department of public safety at Columbia University last year, “after he and his friends repeatedly called murderers.”

“As far as we know, a complaint nothing was done, its just ignored, which is absolutely outrageous and unacceptable,” added Goldstein.

Columbia University did not respond to a request for comment.