It became known as to live longer

Scientists from China say that the human life span very much depends on factors such as nutrition and excess weight. If you keep a good figure to old age, the chances of a long life are greatly increased.

Стало известно, как прожить дольше

Excess weight puts a serious burden on all the key systems of the body, so obese people is much higher risk of developing dangerous chronic diseases that may provoke premature death. In people who are prone to problems with the cardiovascular system, the risk of premature death is increased in two times, if they don’t follow the mass of your body.

A clear correlation between obesity, age and probability of death was discovered by researchers from the University of Huazhong. Scientists examined data obtained on the basis of observations of thirty six thousand US citizens. It was found that if a person’s weight is growing significantly in the period from twenty-five years before the average age, the probability of premature death is increased by twenty-two percent (relative to people who all their lives keep about the same weight).

“In order to live longer, you need to carefully follow the diet from a young age. Of course, that you need to follow and the rest of the recommendations that are the Foundation of a healthy lifestyle. That is, you need to eliminate bad habits and to devote sufficient time to physical exercise”, we Chinese scientists.