It became known how much the Ukrainians want to earn in a month

Desired wages of the population of Ukraine is 19,275 thousand UAH. while the average payment in the country (November 2019) is equal to UAH 10,679 thousand.

Стало известно, сколько украинцы хотят зарабатывать в месяц

This is evidenced by data research company R&B Group.

According to the state statistics service, in December of 2019 “desired” wages were received by the Ukrainians, who work in the areas of:

of air transport — 28.6 thousand UAH.;

Finance and insurance activities — 22,198 thousand.

public administration and defence 20,360 thousand UAH.;

information technology — 19,634 thousand UAH.

The salary of the representatives of the technical and scientific activities was 17,534 thousand UAH.

Least of all in December, got the courier and the employees of post offices — 6,624 thousand. A little more earned, the representatives of the spheres of public catering — 7,280 thousand UAH. health and social care — 8,505 thousand.

The people of Kiev want to earn 20,496 thousand. in a month, but the employers agree to pay no more than 15,024 UAH. The gap is 27 %.

In other cities with a million people it is smaller:

Odessa — 15 % (expected salary 15,632 thousand UAH. offer — 13,362 thousand UAH.;

Lviv, 7 % (13,663 and 12,742 thousand UAH. respectively);

The river — 7 % (13,280 and 12,402 thousand UAH. respectively).

According to HR expert online resource Tatyana Pushkinoj, the reason for the gap is that not all those who seek a place of employment are unemployed. Sites for job search there are a large number of employed Ukrainians, but they publish a summary in the hope to find an employer with better terms.

Pashkina is convinced that these candidates deliberately indicate the amount of wages received is higher.