It became known who the Actresses most of all rich in Hollywood

Authoritative magazine Forbes has made a rating of stars who have earned the most over the last year. Moreover, its leader was not Angelina Jolie or, for example, Charlize Theron. More just your Bank account were able to fill Scarlett Johansson: she earned $ 56 million. The fact is that personal to her, not the two aforementioned Actresses have managed to find a source of income coming in level to the amounts that are paid Hollywood actors-men.

Стало известно, кто из актрис больше всех разбогател в Голливуде

Scarlett literally get rich, starring in the four parts of the marvel franchise “the Avengers”. And to them she added a spin-off of the same themes — the film “Black widow”, for which she received a substantial fee. Last year, for the final part of “the Avengers” she got paid 14 million. And the actress added a more substantial amount you could earn without straining: the actress was able, at the conclusion of the contract to gain 5% of the rent, which amounted to 35 million.

The second was Sofia Vergara, the wife of Joe Manganiello. She was able to earn in a year more than 40 million. A significant part of this amount made its fee for the series “American family”. However, to her it was not the only source of income. After all, Sofia is a successful business lady receiving a great return on your commercial projects — brand jeans Sofia Jeans and its line of fashionable furniture.

After Vergara third was Reese Witherspoon. And, and it, too, as Johansson received a significant portion of earned her 35 million is not due to its acting, and as the fee for the work of the producer on the set of the popular series “Little big lies”. Took fourth place Nicole Kidman, who recently removed a lot, added to the Bank account of 34 million. However, she earned much of their millions becoming, along with Witherspoon co-produced “Lies…”