It is “impossible to isolate Russia”, says Putin

It is “impossible to isolate Russia», says Putin


It is “impossible” for Western countries to isolate Russia despite sanctions against Moscow which pose a “threat to the whole world”, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday. 

“No matter how much some would like to isolate Russia, it is impossible to do so,” Putin said at an Asian-focused economic forum in Vladivostok (Russia's Far East).

The new coronavirus pandemic “has been replaced by new global challenges, which threaten the whole world. I mean the sanctions fever of the West,” he added.

The Russian president denounced “the stubborn refusal of the Western elites to see the facts” and “the elusive domination of the United States” in the establishment of heavy sanctions against Russia following the offensive carried out in Ukraine since the end of February.

“Irreversible changes have taken place in the entire system of international relations,” he noted.

Despite a shower of Western sanctions, Mr. Putin claimed that Russia “lost nothing and would not lose anything.” “There is some polarization going on, but I think it will only be beneficial,” he added.

In front of many Asian economic and political leaders, especially Chinese, he also hailed “the growing role” of the Asia-Pacific region in world affairs, unlike a West that he depicted as on the decline. , undermined in particular by “inflation”.

Faced with “the technological, financial and economic aggression of the West”, the Russian president said he was delighted with the “little by little distancing” of the Russian economy from the dollar, the euro and the pound sterling, “unreliable currencies”, to in particular the Chinese yuan.

Tuesday, the Russian gas giant Gazprom, a state company , announced that China would henceforth pay its contracts in rubles and yuan, instead of the dollar, a new sign of rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing against a backdrop of tensions with the West.

“The absolute majority of Asia-Pacific states do not accept the destructive logic of sanctions,” Mr. Putin said again.

“A creative partnership will open new new gigantic opportunities for our peoples,” he said in his speech.