It is impossible to raise tariffs for the population for the salvation of “people of the sun”

Businessman Sear Kurchatov said that the Ministry of energy is pursuing a wrecking policy towards energy resources.

Нельзя поднимать тарифы населению для спасения «людей солнца»

He said this in an interview with the chief editor of the portal “Hvilya” Yuri Romanenko.

The businessman said that green energy is not really a correct term as there are wind energy and solar energy.

“The wind is not a problem. We have, first, it a little, and secondly, the wind generates year-round electricity, and the sun only in summer, when consumption is low. The sun generates are actually often extra kilowatts,” — said Sear Kurchatov.

He draws attention to the fact that solar energy is very oligarchisation, including through the activities of brothers Klyuev, who lobbied for inadequate rates.

“Many took advantage of that. Well, now all loudly cry and tell you that you can not violate the Treaty obligations of the state. Well, probably not. But you can’t get to rescue the “people of the sun” population rates. That will now try to make NERC,” said Sear Kurchatov.

The businessman said that cheap energy in Ukraine is closed to pay expensive “people of the sun”.

“At nuclear power plants propose to do mining farm. Well, it is idiocy. I think that if a year pamineti at the Zaporizhzhya NPP, the head of “Energoatom” is called a new oligarch. He will buy DTEK, “Shakhtar” and “Dynamo Kiev”,” said Sear Kurchatov.

He stressed that the policy of the Ministry of energy thoughtless.

“Really the head of “Energoatom” can only sympathize. It’s mindless, stupid, wrecking policy of the Ministry of energy. And “Energoatom” hostage of this policy. They really are killing the industry in favor of some of the oligarchs and the “people of the sun””, — summed up Sear Kurchatov.