It is safe to walk, run and ride a bike during the quarantine due to coronavirus

The mayor of San Francisco London breed appeared in the program “Situation room” on CNN March 18 to respond to viral video of Jake Tapper, which was shown people who train in the city during the outbreak of coronavirus. This writes Fox News.

Безопасно ли гулять, бегать и кататься на велосипеде во время карантина из-за коронавируса

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The video shows that people in San Francisco on the Embarcadero freeway jog and hold hands on the first day orders of the city about the isolation that caused a serious reaction on the part of the Tapper.

“The video shows how the insulation works in San Francisco, said tapper on record. — First, we see here a lot of people who don’t distanciruemsa, they hold hands and walk down the street, usually I would say that it’s cute, but not in this situation.”

So is it safe to run, to hike, to bike or to walk on the street in public places during the outbreak of coronavirus?

People in the U.S. continue to be allowed to go outside and play sports, while they keep a safe distance from others.

“Walk” and “hike” lead the list of “safe” measures, according to the Department of public health County of Los Angeles until the outbreak of coronavirus continues to spread in the region.

A spokesman for the Department said that “Biking and Jogging is great, if not in the group where there is close contact”.

However, if you are sick or think you have the coronavirus, the Centers for control and prevention (CDC) suggest you stay in your home, except medical care.

“Don’t go to public places,” — said on the Agency’s website.

If you are sick, fresh air is good, if you stick to a distance that helps limit the spread of the virus. This is especially important because the virus can still spread even if you have no symptoms.

According to Lisa Maragakis, senior Director for infection prevention at Johns Hopkins Medicine, social distancing is described as “the deliberate increase in physical space between people, to avoid spread of diseases.” An example of social distancing — cancellation of major events.

It is believed that the virus spreads mainly from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

The virus often spreads between people who are in close contact with each other (within 6 feet/2 meters).

“People in San Francisco are allowed to go outside, run, play sports, ride bikes, — said the mayor of the city of London breed. We want people leaving the house only when absolutely necessary for essential services. The ultimate goal is not to give people closely interact with each other, which can lead to the spread of the virus”.

A decree of isolation, which entered into force on 17 March, requires residents to avoid unnecessary travel and leave your home only to buy food, medicine and exercise.




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