It is: why the Swedes are massively implanted in the hands of microchips

In Sweden in the spring of this year started the mass chipping of the population. People implanted between the thumb and forefinger of the microchip that replaces all credit cards and all kinds of keys and passes, which person usually carries with him. And if a year ago this way was paying about 100 people, now this figure has exceeded 4 thousand people and continues to grow steadily. What is it all about and why it is needed? Says

Все свое ношу с собой: для чего шведы массово вживляют в руки микрочипы

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The chip’s main characteristics:

  • It replaces the e-wallets, Bank cards, travel and different kinds of keys and passes. With it, you can pay with a simple touch of the hand to the terminal.
  • It is very small, about the size of a grain of rice.
  • The price along with the result of the implant procedure is $ 180, and some companies offer this service to their employees free of charge.
  • There is no GPS to track him man it is impossible.
  • Chip works just a few inches from the reader, i.e., to steal information about the user, attackers will be able only in case, if they manage to catch his hand.
  • It is “passive”, that is, contains information, but he did read with other devices can not.

He directly works, you can see in this video.

Scientists believe that the device will be opened to the Swedes the way towards a new digital era. Besides it’s incredibly convenient.

But the process of implantation (of blood and shock content is not)

The innovations there are opponents. Skeptics believe that, first, no one can give absolute guarantees of confidentiality of the person. Second, some believe that the absence of GPS devices is only a matter of time. It may begin with the large corporations that can begin to track the location of their employees. Otherwise (now would be a conspiracy question) why do some companies offer this service for free? In short, “Big Brother sees you, Big Brother is watching you.”

Yes, it is very convenient. Previously, it was necessary to get a bulky phone and find a tiny icon Apple or Google Pay — or worse, to take out of purse and tries to slip from his hands, and had to look for keys that occupy much space and annoying ringing. Now, just imagine, you can open any door, buy the cocktails, shirts and tickets for the tram with just one flick of the wrist.

Maybe after some 5 years accidentally opened this article people will laugh at such conservative thoughts, but while the ethical side of this question continues to excite many people.

As you think about whether to trust such microchips? You would do such a thing?