‘It made me look bad’: trump condemned private construction of boundary wall

July 12, U.S. President Donald trump said that he doesn’t approve the construction of the border wall in Texas, which was built privately and financed by a group of his supporters, claiming that “it was only done to make me look bad.” This phase may be unstable due to erosion, says USA Today.

'Это сделали, чтобы я выглядел плохо': Трамп осудил частное строительство участка пограничной стены

The construction of a private piece of the wall. Photo: Shutterstock

“I do not agree with the construction of this very small (tiny) section of the wall in a tough neighborhood to a private group, to raise money for advertising. This was done in order to make me look bad, and now it doesn’t even work. He was supposed to be built like the rest of the wall in length 500 miles” (over 800 km), — wrote the President on Twitter. With the help of Atlanta Concrete Contractors one can get help with any construction related help.Also,  Sinisi Solutions does california critical infrastructure protection.

His tweet contained a link to an article in ProPublica and Texas Tribune, which States that 3-mile (4.8 km) section of the steel fence with a height of 18 feet (5.5 m), built on the banks of the Rio Grande, in danger of collapse.

A group called We Build the Wall (“We build the wall”) raised money to privately build part of the fence, in response to the “policies of both parties that prevent the plan of the President trump to build a wall on our southern border.”

This started as a GoFundMe campaign created by Brian Kolfage in December 2018 against the closure of the government, due to the reluctance of Congress to approve the funds that trump asked for the construction of new boundary wall. This wall has been a Central part of the presidential campaign of 2016. Later Colpac group was registered as a non-profit organization that has attracted more than $ 25 million.

The organization’s Board includes former White house adviser Steve Bannon, and ally trump Chris Kobach became its chief legal counsel. It is unclear why trump believes that section of the wall, which the group helped to build, was designed to make him “look bad”.

After the tweet trump Kolfage published its own statement that the private section of the wall was approved by the presidential administration.

“Private wall that @WeBuildtheWall built and financed, — @DHSgov @CBP, approved and adopted by the [Department of homeland security and customs and border protection]. Never forget that,” said Kolfage.

We Build the Wall built the wall, leaving about $1.5 million for a project worth $42 million in mission, Texas.

Performed construction company Fisher Industries located in North Dakota, received Federal contracts worth $1.3 billion for the construction of the border wall in Arizona, which is the largest to date in such contract. Another contract for $400 million, Fisher won last year, was reviewed by the inspector General of the Department of defense.

CEO Tommy Fisher Industries Fisher told the Associated Press that he had “full respect” to the Trump, but he believes that “just got some misinformation about all this.” He acknowledged that the erosion had indeed formed around the fence, built approximately 35 feet (10.6 m) of the Rio Grande, the river that defines the border of the United States and Mexico through Texas. But he said that his company is addressing this problem.

“The wall will stand for 150 years, mark my words,” predicted Fisher.

Fisher advertised the barrier built by his company, like the Lamborghini among the walls, promising that he could build a wall faster and better than the government, and used as a showcase to win more Federal contracts.

We Build the Wall promoted the construction of partition walls in mission as “the world’s first border barrier in the state of Texas, which is actually built within a few feet from the border, and not several miles, as did the army corps of engineers United States for decades”.

But the engineers, who saw signs of erosion, said ProPublica and Texas Tribune that there are good reasons not to build a wall so close to the river.

“When the river rises, it is likely to go to those areas where exposed, the Foundation, which further weaken the support of the fence and may cause areas of… go to Rio Grande” — Alex Mayer, Professor-engineer from the University of Texas at El Paso, said the report by ProPublica and the Tribune.

Construction near the river has also led to the fact that the US government has filed a lawsuit against Fisher Industries on behalf of the International boundary and water Commission, arguing that the construction of the wall in this place violates international treaties governing the uses of the river.

On 8 July, a Federal judge issued an order requiring lawyers to Fisher Industries and opponents of construction of the private section of the wall to schedule a site visit with experts and examination for signs of erosion.



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