‘It really touched me’: mother of the Israeli woman, was sentenced to 7.5 years for smuggling hashish, was interviewed

The publication Times of Israel, citing the sources said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to send a petition for pardon convicted in Russia of the citizen of Israel and the United States Naamah Issachar. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov confirmed it.

'Это очень растрогало меня': мать израильтянки, приговоренной к 7,5 годам за контрабанду гашиша, дала интервью

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“We know that directed treatment of Mr. Netanyahu. After it goes through the diplomatic channels, it will be reported to and considered by the President of Russia”, – said Peskov.

On Friday, October 11, the Khimki town court of the Moscow region sentenced Naama Issachar to 7.5 years for smuggling and possession of drugs.

Issachar was flying from India to Israel with a stopover in Moscow. In her Luggage, which did not leave the transit zone, was discovered in nine and a half grams of hashish. Neither in India, nor in Israel the storage of such quantities is not a crime.

Protection insists that in terms of smuggling Issachar illegally sentenced and has filed an appeal.

Edition of the Jerusalem Post said that Moscow offered Israel exchange Naama Issachar on the citizen of Russia Alexey Burkov, who was arrested at the airport in tel Aviv in 2015, according to the request of the United States. Washington made the request for the extradition of a Russian citizen. In the States he is suspected of cyber crime against the US citizens.

Reporter Present spoke in Moscow with his mother Naamah – the Jaffa Issachar.

'Это очень растрогало меня': мать израильтянки, приговоренной к 7,5 годам за контрабанду гашиша, дала интервью

Photo: Instagram/_inaama

The woman arrived in Russia to support the daughter during the trial, left after the verdict and is seeking meetings with Naama in jail. Before Jaffe was able to see her daughter and give her sweets.

— What was your first reaction when you found out about the detention of her daughter?

I thought that it was a mistake – she made a mistake, and let her go home. She had not intended to bring it here, it was never meant to carry it in your backpack. It was in the Luggage compartment, the dog smelled it during reloading of baggage between the aircraft. At first we were scared but we thought we’ll figure it out. She was in the waiting area 14 hours, and all those hours we thought she was going to bring her passport and say, “Go home, and the substance remains here.”

— And when it became clear that this story is much more serious?

— Then we thought it will be classified as storage. She wasn’t going to carry it, she could come to Israel and buy without breaking the law. Then we realized that, apparently, will be punished for possession.

— You were in the courtroom during the verdict, what was the reaction of your daughter?

— The translator did not translate her confused. Naama understand what the judge said something that I did not understand. She looked at me in shock and said, “Mom, seven and a half years.” As if to say “what are you talking about”. Between the bars [tried] to put his arm about her shoulders and tell her: “It doesn’t matter, a year or ten, this trial is window dressing.” That day we learned that we are not talking about something that she did.

— Yesterday you got permission to meet your daughter, were you able to see? As Naama feeling? She was saying something about the conditions? About months spent in jail? On the progress of the investigation? The attitude of the investigators?

— Yes, I was able to see her and talk to her after almost three weeks, during which I saw her only for a short time in the courtroom. I was able to sit with her and explain what is really going on between Russia and Israel.

— There are rumors about a trade offer Naamah Russian hacker Alex Burkova? What do you know about this?

— I don’t know how the hacker must have been issued in USA that is in prison for several years, who have committed crimes, connected with my daughter. But I understand that this is a political issue. Therefore, we are unable within the next six months to move her under house arrest, so she was not allowed to use the phone, I was not allowed a visit. We did not understand why I was in the dark, I couldn’t understand why we can’t do it within six months – and now the picture becomes clearer.

— Do you know something about this hacker?

I know that he was wanted by the United States. The Israeli Supreme court decided on his extradition to the United States. This has not happened yet, and now the Russians want it.

Prime Minister of Israel addressed to the President of Russia to pardon and Naama. Bound for the Israeli government? Does it you and if so, how?

Is very touched me, the fact that the President of Israel addressed to the President of Russia Putin. Prime Minister Netanyahu was in touch with me, the Minister of justice, who must sign [the extradition] has been in touch with me. They said they will do everything to Naama was released and returned home.

'Это очень растрогало меня': мать израильтянки, приговоренной к 7,5 годам за контрабанду гашиша, дала интервью

Photo: Instagram/_inaama

— How is she feeling?

— She’s exhausted, tired, she wants to return home to Israel, and she has no more strength. She told me: “Mama, take me home.”

— Did she say anything about the conditions?

— Yes, the conditions uncomfortable, it has no conditions as other prisoners. She can’t write letters, as it should be in Russian, she is not getting the right calls, the other inmates. She understands a little [Russian] language, but it is in a small cell with three other [prisoners]. She even still has not received the verdict, and it is in this position for six months.

— How it relates to staff the jail?

She says that the attitude is normal. In this institution they are friendly. In the previous prison number 6 (SIZO 6 Printers – NV) was far worse, in terms of personnel and attitudes. Here it is though separated from the community, a Rabbi is not allowed, but the staff is nicer.

—She had a birthday, you bring cake, which, alas, had to throw it away. This time, something managed to pass?

— I asked her if I could give her a cake, she said, no, you cannot transfer the cakes with cream. I bought her biscuits and chocolate.

The daughter told me what she misses the most?

— Hugs, touches, language, music. And freedom.

ForumDaily previously wrote that in Russia after two years in prison freed the American — he was in jail due to the fact that he had purchased over the Internet cleaning agent.