“It suddenly began to move!” Protein does not leave the host for a minute

«Оно вдруг зашевелилось!» Белка не оставляет хозяина ни на минуту

This squirrel sits on the shoulder of a man

People and protein, which cannot leave him even for a second. A picture can often be seen on the streets of the Polish town of Szczecin.

A man was walking his dog, and suddenly felt something under his foot. It began to stir. I thought: well, not as nuts and chestnuts to stir. “It” turned out to be a squirrel — thin as lace.

First, Tadeusz thought that the squirrel would not survive,too small he was.

“I held him, he warmed up and began to move. Then I thought that all will be well.” The man brought a squirrel home. I read on the Internet that it can be fed goat’s milk.

“He took the dropper in its paws and began to drink. Sucked three pipettes in a row. I called him a Pitek. He was as tiny as the dropper”.

Tadeusz took the squirrel for a private room – hunting.