It turned out, for whom Jamie Foxx threw Katie Holmes

Recently, the Network discussed the breakup Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes. Just a couple of months after the break it became clear that the actor has found new love. And it was not a celebrity!

Выяснилось, ради кого Джейми Фокс бросил Кэти Холмс

20 Aug 2019 became aware of the gap Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes after 6 years of relationship. After some time there were rumors that the actor is Dating a young artist Celaya Wave. They are really seen together, but the 51-year-old Fox was assured that the girl is just his protege and no romance in their relationship there.

Ubiquitous journalists RadarOnline found out the name of the girl with whom Jamie meets for a few months! This is not a famous actress and not even aspiring singer.

Jamie was caught in the company of 26-year-old model and waitress This carpio. The insider said that Fox is interested in candid shots girls in July, but they met later, they were introduced by a mutual friend.

Выяснилось, ради кого Джейми Фокс бросил Кэти Холмс

Despite the fact that Jamie always carefully guards his personal life, reporters managed to find out that the actor along with a new companion joined the party on Halloween in a club in Beverly hills.

“Jamie and Dana spend a lot of time together recently. He clearly gave her to understand that he likes her”, — said the source.

Caprio instagram is full of candid shots. The girl has excellent figure, which is not shy to show. It is not surprising that Jamie liked almost all seductive pictures of This in four months. And as he is not only tired flipping the tape!

It is noteworthy that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes announced the breakup at the end of August. However, the RadarOnline source says that the actor got serious about This in July. Really did not model the reason for the gap?