‘It was a crap speech’: Pelosi defiantly tore up the text of the speech trump in Congress

The traditional speech of the President of the United States Donald trump in Congress was marked by several controversial episodes, writes “RIA Novosti”.

'Это была дрянная речь': Пелоси демонстративно порвала текст выступления Трампа в Конгрессе

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The evening of February 4 trump addressed to senators and members of the house of representatives c annual appeal, which spoke about the situation in the country. Typically, in the course of this event adhered to long-established procedures.

In particular, before the President transmits the text of the speech Vice-President, who ex officio headed the Senate and the speaker of the house of representatives. This is usually accompanied by a handshake — like it was a year ago.

This time the tramp did not move away from tradition and gave the folder a speech by Vice-President Mike Pence and speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. Having a folder that Pelosi, as it seemed, held out his hand for a handshake, but trump just turned and fell into place for performances. The speaker smiled nervously. However, the gesture Pelosi can be regarded as an invitation to take the podium.

After the speech, trump also did not shake hands with the Pens and Pelosi and just headed for the exit, shaking at the way the hands of the same party. The speaker at that time broke up a few sheets of paper from the table where lay the text of the speech of the President.

Penny, in turn, did not ignore Pelosi and shook her hand.

In addition, the media drew attention to the fact that before the speech of the head of state, speaker of the house of representatives usually represents the Congress with the words: “I have the honour to introduce the President of the United States…” But this time, Pelosi was with words: “Members of Congress, the President of the United States!” After that, Republicans began to chant: “four More years!” — referring to trump’s re-election for a new term.

Later, Pelosi told reporters that “it was polite of her, considering alternatives,” which she had against trump.

“It was a crappy speech,” she added about the President’s speech.

It is worth noting that the performance of trump passed on the background of the impeachment, which declared him the Democrats of the house of representatives, headed by Pelosi. Today the Senate should pass the final vote, the results of which will be solved, whether to recognize legislators of the President is guilty or not. It is expected that trump would be justified.

Trump became the third President in U.S. history who got impeached. The Democrats claim that he was detained Congress approved military assistance to Ukraine in return from President Vladimir Zelensky political services in the form of an investigation against Joe Biden. Thus reads the resolution on impeachment, trump has exceeded the power, and then another and let the Congress in the investigation. The President himself stated that he demanded from the Ukrainian authorities to fight corruption.

As mentioned by trump during his speech, can be read here.



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