‘It was a terrible gunfight’: unknown persons opened fire on a highway in California


The driver, enraged that his truck was confiscated by the police, opened fire on a highway in southern California.

'Это была ужасная перестрелка’: неизвестный открыл стрельбу на шоссе в Калифорнии

Photo: Depositphotos

He killed an employee of the highway patrol and wounded two others, after which he was killed in a “terrible gunfight” with law enforcement, writes the New York Daily News.

“I am devastated by the tragedy that unfolded in riverside,” said Commissioner of the highway patrol of California Warren Stanley.

“Tonight I mourn the death of one of our employees, officers, Andre Moya, who was killed during a shootout after a car stop and pray for all, including officers injured in shooting”, added the Commissioner.

Moya stopped a white GMC pickup truck at about 17:35 on Monday. The reason for stopping at this point is not reported, but in the end the officer decided to impound the car and called a tow truck.

While the officer was filling out paperwork, the shooter pulled out of the truck a rifle and started shooting.

Moya returned fire and managed to call for backup, despite the fact that was under a hail of bullets. Officers of the highway patrol, County Sheriff’s Department and riverside police Department riverside arrived quickly on the scene. And the shooting started.

According to law enforcement, the shooter has made dozens of shots, hiding from the police at his truck.

“This was a terrible shootout,” said riverside chief of police Sergio Diaz.

At the moment it is unclear whether the suspect was killed by officers or shot himself.

Two officers were injured during the shooting, one of them is in critical condition. Injury to another employee of the highway patrol not threaten his life.

Two civilians also received minor injuries, according to the forecasts of doctors, they will recover completely.

Law enforcement officers are still working on clarifying the motives of the shooting. It is unclear where I was headed an armed man, whose identity has not yet been installed.