It was impossible to make shocking confessions of a former participant of the show, “she zvazheni schaslivi”…

Это было невозможно вынести: шокирующие признания бывшего участника шоу «Зважені та щасливі»...

Thursday, September 12, will be held the third edition of the popular reality “that zvazheni schaslivi” (STB). The fight against excess weight continue 16 participants, one of which is already in the evening will leave the project. The last broadcast was the last for the 34-year-old hairdresser from Kiev Mikhail Vorobyov from the “brown” team coach, Irakli of Makatsaria. In the discussion the participants decided that Misha is their weak link. Due to a leg injury, he even refused to participate in one of the competitions. Michael left for camp weight loss with a weight of 149 pounds and continues to lose weight at home.

In an exclusive interview with “FACTS” Mikhail Vorobyov told about the most difficult challenge on the project, their fears and diet, which helps him to reduce weight.

— Michael, how do you feel after the project?

— Ease. I began to walk faster, I like the way I look now. Although, this is not the limit.

— What weight you come to reality?

— 158 pounds during the growth of 183 centimeters. I was already very hard. At some point I realized that the weight does not go away and only increases. All my attempts to somehow cope with that, to lose weight were futile. And I decided to go on, “she zvazheni schaslivi”.

Это было невозможно вынести: шокирующие признания бывшего участника шоу «Зважені та щасливі»...

— You watched the draft before?

— From time to time. I saw that the people there really help. In General, once I saw the advertisement, that the project is gaining new members, fill out the questionnaire and decided to try it. Then everything began to turn.

— So you knew that you have to go?

— I admit, I had no idea how it would be difficult. I think this season was the most difficult contests for participants. Sometimes physically it was just impossible to move! Moreover, the load was increased each time more and more. Although I had a hard time with her first contest.

— On the second live you and are unable to cope with the task.

— Yes, to stand between the plates of the water has become for me perhaps the most difficult challenge. I couldn’t pass it, got rid of enough pounds to avoid the “yellow line” and, in the end, left the project.

— What did your coach?

— Of course, Irakli us all supported. I admit, I was glad that he runs our team. Irakli — definitely a professional. Everything he told me, I still do.

Это было невозможно вынести: шокирующие признания бывшего участника шоу «Зважені та щасливі»...

— You stayed on the project two weeks…

— Yes, alas, the men’s first vote was mine. After the second stream, I left reality. But by that time, I already felt that he began to lose weight.

— How much you dropped on the project?

— Nine pounds, which, of course, with my total weight is not so much. But it was enough that I saw changes. However, mainly external. For example, all my shirts have suddenly become too big for me. Now I’ve almost completely changed my wardrobe.

— You continue to lose weight?

— Yes, but the rules of the show, I can’t say how much I weigh now. Leaving the project, I decided that I will still continue to do. After done, on the reality of the work it would be foolish to throw. I am at home losing weight, weigh in periodically and quite pleased with the result. I confess that I do not know how many kilograms would love to stay. One thing is clear — the more I will lose before the final weigh-in December, the better.

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— You adhere to the diet?

— Of course! Proper diet I was prescribed project nutritionist Svetlana FUS. On her recommendation I have excluded for yourself products with gluten — this flour, starch. Try not to eat potatoes. In the main cereal: bulgur, couscous, lentils, bread made from durum wheat or noodles.

— And the meat?

— Meat — please, just preferably not pork. And of course, salads, fish, eggs. Fruit try not to eat. And sweet I never really disliked. For me the main thing now is to stick to the diet. I roasted the potatoes at night to eat, now of course, this does not allow. Eat two hours before bedtime. Go to the gym, sauna.

— We know that in this season the participants are not only struggling with being overweight, but also building a relationship with your match.

— I have a girlfriend and know she loves me any. When I went into the project, we haven’t met, decided to take a break in the relationship. But after I returned back together and now she supports me in wanting to lose weight. This is very important.

— When you began to gain weight?

For 20 years I was quite thin. Engaged in sports — swimming, Jogging, playing tennis. Then there was a leg injury, had to spend at home for about two years. Rolling mode did the trick, and I began to gain weight.

Watch now behind the project?

— Of course. You know, like going through all the emotions again. Actually, it was a shame that I left early from the project. Expected still to hold out a little longer. But do not blame anyone in what happened. You guys voted. In the end, this show and it has its own rules — each week should leave someone who is less than dropped.

Это было невозможно вынести: шокирующие признания бывшего участника шоу «Зважені та щасливі»...

I had a purpose with which I came into this project, it was necessary to improve their health. I confess that the last time was already severe shortness of breath, aching feet. I’m a hairdresser working mainly standing. So much weight I did not need. Now feel how it becomes easier and easier. And this is the key of my achievement.

Clients recognize you?

— Yes, I used in my district was quite a famous hairdresser! But now, of course, wanting me to get a haircut became much more. Although for me it is not the most important thing in life. The main thing — health.

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