It was Nicola Tesla who started remote communication. He foresaw the rise of the Internet and used radio waves

Considered a freak, he invented remote control and started the internet. Nicola Tesla pioneered the magic of numbers and communication

 It was Nicola Tesla who started remote communication. He foresaw the emergence of the Internet and used radio waves

Nikola Tesla born on July 10, 1856, died in mysterious circumstances On January 7, 1943, he was a Serbo-American inventor, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer.

His mind was far beyond the abilities of Alfred Einstein

In addition to groundbreaking work in the field of electromagnetism and electricity, the multi-talented Tesla pioneered wireless communication over radio waves.

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Tesla was the first to build a radio transmitter, the first to demonstrate radio remote control, and pioneered the work that resulted in transatlantic radio communication. Tesla obtained over 275 patents over his lifetime, spoke in eight languages, and was an early vice president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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The complexity of a smartphone far exceeds that of a phone, but in all other respects the image of Tesla transforms the reality of almost 100 years ago. Other aspects of Tesla's future wireless technology scenario also seem to outperform current technologies such as 3D printing, although the type he describes is still science fiction: “Radio will allow closer contact by transmitting intelligence, transporting our bodies and materials and energy transport. & rdquo;

Tesla's inventions included: AC (alternating current) power, Tesla Coil, Magnifying Transmitter, Tesla Turbine, Shadow Chart, Radio, Neon Lamp, Hydroelectric energy, Induction motor, Radio controlled boat, etc.

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Tesla described his amazing plans for the tower in an article: “Immediately after completion, a businessman in New York will be able to dictate instructions and immediately appear on the typewriter at his office in London or elsewhere.” You will be able to call from your desk and talk to every telephone subscriber in the world, without any changes to the equipment functioning. sea ​​or land, music or song, a statement by a political leader, a thesis of an eminent man of science, or a sermon by an suggestive clergyman, uttered elsewhere, in any way remote. In the same way, any image, person, illustration or print can be transported from one place to another. Such instruments can only be handled from one plant of this type. More important than all this, however, will be a wire-free power transmission that will be shown on a large enough scale to make you feel & rdquo ;.

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