It was not a joke: trump refused to meet with the Prime Minister of Denmark from-for unwillingness to sell…

Это была не шутка: Трамп отказался от встречи с премьером Дании из-за нежелания продать...

US President, Donald trump has cancelled his meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen that she does not want to discuss the sale of Greenland USA. About this trump wrote on Twitter.

“Based on the comments of the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who said she is not interested to discuss the purchase of Greenland, I transferred our meeting, which was to be held few weeks, at another time”, — wrote trump.

However, he also noted that Denmark “a very special country with incredible people.”

“His frankness, the Prime Minister could save a lot of cost and effort as the United States and Denmark. Thank you for that and expect to reassign the meetings in the future!” added the American President.

Meeting the US President and the Prime Minister of Denmark was planned in the framework of the visit of Donald trump to Denmark, which is scheduled for 2-3 September.

I wrote “FACTS” before the President of the United States showed interest in buying Greenland, which is part of Denmark. Trump was repeatedly asked advisers what you need to do and listened with interest to debate the geopolitical significance of the world’s largest island and its resources.

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