It was written by St. Pope John Paul II. “Prayer for the deliverance of the world from all evil” related to the Third Secret of Fatima

The Holy Father wanted there to be peace in the world and that evil would no longer occupy the hearts and minds of people.

 It was written by St. John Paul II himself.

All accounts of the Third Secret of Fatima indicate that although Our Lady asked for its disclosure, St. John Paul II did not do it. Other tales also shroud in secret the content of the third, most terrifying secret given to the children of Fatima.

John Paul II trembled for the future of mankind. He knew the Third Secret of Fatima. Does the content of his prayer refer to it?

During his pontificate, John Paul II still called for love and peace, which mankind has never really experienced in the continuity of history. The content of the prayer by St. memory of Karol Wojtyła indicates that he was greatly terrified by the content of the Third Secret of Fatima.

It was to be revealed by sister Lucia, who was later silenced and replaced by a woman who was probably supposed to pretend to be Lucia, who was not afraid to criticize the church superior, because that was God's will. It talks about nuclear war, the fall of morality, destruction, death and doom, and about the fact that Poland will become a power and a model. Did John Paul II refer to the revelation that the true sister Lucia spoke about?

 He wrote it Saint John Paul II himself.

she asked. None of the popes prevented the bloodshed, although, according to Mary, the sacrifice of Russia would help a lot.

source: YouTube/KIWI WORLD