“It will be a fee for Putin” Taylor spoke about the possibility of imposing new sanctions against…

«Это будет плата для Путина»: Тейлор высказался о возможности введения новых санкций против...

In addition to the existing anti-Russian sanctions the United States could use a number of other methods of influence on Russia. Such opinion in interview to the Georgian “the First channel” stated charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor.

He noted that the purpose of sanctions is to make it painful for Russia to stop its aggressive actions, but as you can see, the existing sanctions for the Kremlin is not enough.

“Sanctions against Russia is not enough, since during this time we saw that the Russians left the Donbass and Crimea”, — quotes the American diplomat, “Ukrainian truth”.

According to Taylor, the international community may impose against Russia restrictions in the sphere of defense, energy and financial sectors.

In addition, possible sanctions against a larger number of people that they could not obtain a visa, to freeze their securities.

“One of the strongest sanctions that we haven’t used against Russia, and Russia is well aware that its exclusion from the international financial system. This could be devastating for the country. We never did, but in the case of another aggressive step, it can be used. The sanction fee for Putin”, — said Taylor.

Recall, September 4, the Committee of permanent representatives of EU countries agreed on the decision to extend individual sanctions for undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

As previously reported “FACTS”, all 28 member countries of the European Union unanimously supported the decision on the introduction of “Azov package” of sanctions against the Russian Federation in connection with the act of aggression against Ukraine in the Azov sea and Kerch Strait.

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