Italian mayor pays a fine six bags of coins

Мэр итальянского города заплатит штраф шестью мешками монет

The mayor of the Italian city of Malegno in protest decided to pay the fine to the state six bags of coins in denominations of one Euro cent, according to Facebook, the mayor of the city in the province of Brescia.

In total Paolo Erba collected 168 pounds of coins, which amount to 1100 Euro. Previously, the state ordered the mayor of Malegno to return these funds raised by contributions to charity in the tax returns of local residents, for a 20-day delay in the delivery of the financial statements.

As noted in the message of the city authorities, the money was supposed to go to help local families of persons with disabilities.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister and the interior Minister of the city hall of Malegno drawn “with a cry of pain” from one of the small “towns that are no longer can.”

“I’d like that duty came some state functionary, because I would like to take this opportunity to show how work and survive in the city on the edge of Empire,” wrote Erba, accompanied by post your photo with bags of money.