‘It’s as lousy a lingering flu’: Boris Akunin told how ill COVID-19

Strange to tell, how have the flu, but so many people are afraid of this damn coronavirus, and obolevich yet so little that I decided to share this personal experience, writes Boris Akunin in the blog Obozrevatel.

'Это как паршивый затяжной грипп': Борис Акунин рассказал, как переболел COVID-19

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I got sick in the middle of the day on Friday the 13th. (Who read my post, written this morning, will appreciate the humor).

Actually, we both got sick, me and the wife. But it was quite easy to form: day of low-grade fever, then two days headache and completely lost the sense of smell (is there such a symptom).

I have a form of moderate severity. This is as lousy a prolonged flu with high fever. The difference is that the improvement is not happening. The temperature crawls to 39, knocked her paracetamol. Again tomorrow. And again. And again. This “Groundhog day” I have enjoyed ten days. Lay at home, listening to audio books. Know that you need to fear only breathing problems — in this case emergency arrives. Breathing problems did not arise, so the mood was angry but calm.

I was not lucky that I was early, and in the first days of the disease no cure has not happened. On the eleventh day finally came a doctor with a successful experience and prescribed me a course of antibiotics. Well, and gradually became better. That’s basically the whole story.

There are other methods. They are still experimental, but a lot of help. In General, the later you get sick, the easier it will be to cure you – that is the main purpose of compliance with quarantine. But no antibiotics and especially hydroxychloroquine without a prescription, of course, do not take.

What worries me most is not the virus, and psychosis around him. Please do not bully yourself. It is very dangerous. Do not post all sorts of horrors that fill the Internet. All of these “pictures of lungs affected by coronavirus”, “coffins in Bergamo”, the descriptions of the horror of dying alone, etc. Think about how many around the impressionable, insecure, nervous people. Psychosis and self – hypnosis- now the main danger.

Be careful, behave responsibly, but don’t panic. And help those who are in isolation. Especially old and sick. In England, now the campaign for the online recruitment of volunteers: who can get the groceries, walk the dog, etc., Written hundreds of thousands of people. A very special demand on those who are already ill. When I do a test to confirm immunity test (should appear next week), be sure to also sign up. I will walk dogs, bad.

In General, breathing is good. Time is working for us. Society and medicine quickly mobilized. Let us treat this epidemic as an incentive for the development of mutual support and organization. We’re all on the same front line, but this rarely happens.

The original column published on Obozrevatel.

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